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Olivier da Costa

Olivier da Costa, born in Lisbon on September 15, 1975, is a Portuguese Chefpreneur who has redefined the concept of culinary experiences. Trained at the Lycée Français de Lisbonne and the Escola Superior de Hotelaria e Turismo do Estoril, Olivier began his career as an intern at the Ritz Four Seasons Hotel.

The son of renowned French Chef Michel da Costa, who brought Portugal its first Michelin star, Olivier followed in his father’s footsteps and revolutionized the culinary scene in his country and beyond. His passion for combining Brazilian and Portuguese cuisine resulted in the opening of Olímpio, his first pioneering restaurant in Portugal, featuring trendy Brazilian cuisine, especially the famous Picanha.

Since then, Olivier has expanded his concepts worldwide, creating a total of 7 signature brands that transcend borders and cultures. His name is synonymous with innovation and excellence in the history of gastronomy in Portugal and beyond.

the olivier group

A Legacy of Culinary Innovation

The Olivier Group stands as a premier culinary reference worldwide, led by visionary Chefpreneur Olivier da Costa. With a history dating back to 1997, the group has become one of the most notable players in the restaurant industry, boasting over 25 venues in seven countries and three continents.

Our innovative and groundbreaking concepts, including Guilty, Yakuza, K.O.B, XXL, SEEN, Clássico, and Savage, have won over the palates and hearts of people around the globe. Each restaurant is carefully designed to offer an exclusive and enchanting gastronomic experience where flavors harmonize and sophistication blends with relaxation. At the heart of the Olivier Group is Chef Olivier da Costa, whose culinary passion and entrepreneurial vision have been the driving force behind the group’s international success and expansion.

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